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About us

Romeo & Anni

Hi, I'm Anni Näsi. I founded TREKhorse in 2010. I love horses and my objective is to offer products that make the horse and rider relationship happier, healthier and more connected. 

I have found that the flexible treed saddles are the answer:  connection, softness and cooperation become easy when the horse is able to relax under a well-fitting saddle and the rider is able to feel and follow easier the horses movements.


I test all the TREKhorse products myself and only choose the products worth keeping. The most important aspects are the comfort and fit, quality, practicality and the esthetics. 

I have a holistic view to horse welfare: I have participated in courses on horse osteopathy, saddle fit, barefoot trimming, horse dentistry and nutrition, natural horsemanship.

The Team


The life and business partner of Anni, Angel DOSUNA, is responsible for the administration and finances of He also helps in saddle fitting and knows all products like the back of his pockets. Angel takes care of logistics during horse faires, saddle testing and TREKhorse trail riding holidays.

Our trail riding speacialist, Kike Sanchez, the owner of Club Deportivo Ecuestre Aravalle, is not only a friend of TREKhorse, but also a cooperative partner. He is one of the main guides on the TREKhorse trail riding weeks and he knows the Spanish Gredos mountins like no-one else.

We all love working with horses. 

If you would like us to help you with saddle fit or horse conduct issues or if you'd like to go for a trail ride, we will be happy to hear from you!  :)

The team TREKhorse
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