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Frequently asked questions

Why to buy a saddle with ?


Our priority is to find a saddle that fits perfectly you and your horse. When buying a saddle with us, we offer you a ''free saddle consulting''. We don't want you offer a Free delivery for a saddle that it is not going to fit perfectly you or your horse. We want to offer you a real plus and that consist to help you to measure your horse and provide you all the information, customized for you, that we need to make you an unique saddle.



Can we adjust the widht of a saddle ?

With the Trekker is very simple, you just turn the adjustable pommel.

For the other saddles, we are authorized and have the equipment to adjust the width of your saddle tree. That will help you eventually if you change your horse and/or if his morphology has changed. In all cases, we will help you to fit back your saddle to your horse by adjusting the width saddle or other changes needed.

Can we do a ZALDI saddle made juts for me and my horse ?


Yes. You have the choice for dressage, Spanish, Portuguese, baroque, endurance or jumping saddles. We will help you to measure your horse.

What are the choices on most saddles ?


Our standard always include a lightweight saddle with a 'new generation' flexible tree. 

Then, the options:

  • Seat length, width and depth : fairly flat, semi-deep and deep.

  • Gullet width.

  • Single or double seat padding.

  • Panel length can be shortened for short back horses.

  • Pannel stuffing options according horse morphologie.

  • Anatomic panel (give an extra shoulder movement for horses).

  • Leather : boxcalf, suede, doubled… and colours : single or multiple-colours for leather and stitching

  • Buckle type/style and colour.

  • Stirrup bar a choice of traditional (Spanish Vaquera) or modern safety type (English)

  • Knee-roll and/or panel length options: remouvable velcro attacheds, ZALDI models TM syste

In ZALDI models :

  • Thigh blocks rather than knee-rolls.

  • New TM System - a completely adjustable thigh-block system to fit you and your riding style.

FOR YOU : seat comfort, depth, trim, padding, flaps and an incredible choice of colors and materials…

AND FOR YOUR HORSE : the width, length and filling of panels, gullet size and space to be comfortable.

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